Library Instruction Labs

Policy No: 009
Approval Date: 11/19/2003, Revised 12/17/2008, Revised 10/04/2017
Historical Notes: Policy for the Appropriate Use of NMSU Library Classrooms


The library instruction labs primarily support the instructional and professional development training activities of the library and other groups sponsored by the library on a case-by-case basis.  These instruction labs also support the library's Five Year Plan and its mission, vision, and values.

Rules and Procedures

  1. The library instruction coordinator is administratively responsible for operational activities associated with the library’s instruction labs.  Including the following:
    1. Work with the Associate Dean on any space/facilities-related matters associated with the library’s instruction labs.
    2. Maintain the Library Instruction master calendar.
    3. Work with the assessment and data management librarian on any assessment-related instruction activities, e.g., space survey and room use data.
    4. Schedule instruction labs.
    5. Serve as the primary contact for questions regarding the instructional labs.
  2. The Systems staff is administratively responsible for all technical support related to the operation of the library’s instructional labs, e.g., software, hardware, technical support problem solving, and new product development.