Emergency Action Plan

Policy No: 010
Approval Date: August 18, 2003
Historical Notes: Revised October 8, 2004; September, 2006; September, 2007; September 2010; September 2011; September 2017


The Library has an OSHA-compliant Emergency Action Plan available in department work areas, at public service desks, and on the library's website: 

Rules and Procedures

  1. The Plan is reviewed annually by Library Administration and shared with New Mexico State University's Environmental Health & Safety Department, Police Department, and Fire Protection Services for compliance purposes.
  2. Evacuation maps directing personnel and building users to emergency exits are posted in various locations in Branson and Zuhl libraries.
  3. All library personnel is trained annually in emergency procedures and safety information is communicated regularly through various channels.
  4. The Library Associate Dean is the Building Monitor and Emergency Action Coordinator and is responsible for assuring that the Emergency Action Plan is implemented for the safety of library staff and users.