Policy No: 011
Approval Date: 9/24/03
Historical Notes: Approved by Library Department Heads on August 18, 2003; Approved by the Academic Dean's Council on September 23, 2003


The Library will provide reserve services for NMSU faculty, staff, and students in support of instructional and institutional endeavors. Any item placed on reserve must comply with Title 17 of the U.S. Code, Sections 107 and 108. Copyright fees incurred in the process of obtaining permissions will be charged back to the requestor's department or unit.


The reserve collection consists of a variety of materials, set apart from the general collection, that possess a defined set of circulation policies to ensure access for a designated class or user group.  Services revolve around accommodating users who require access to unique and/or high-demand items made available by the Library or faculty/staff.  Course materials placed on reserve are considered "supplemental" and should be limited to a small part of the required readings/materials for the course.  Other materials, such as workbooks and exercise sheets, are considered "consumable" items and are not appropriate for the collection. Library reserves exist to improve access to scholarly and other types of information; therefore, based on instructional needs and copyright regulations, the scope of the Library's reserve collection will change each semester.


  1. An item is subject to Fair Use the first time it is placed on reserve.  Each repeated use of the item by the same instructor, for the same course, will be subject to U.S. Code Title 17, Section 107, and will require copyright clearance prior to its placement on reserve.
  2. Materials placed on reserve must display all appropriate attributes and Copyright notices.
  3. Items will be placed on reserve for one semester and will not automatically be extended.
  4. Books or other items received through the inter- or intra-library loan will not be placed on reserve.
  5. Ample time is required to process reserve requests. Exceptions to normal processing time will be made at the Library's discretion.


  1. A request form must be completed by faculty/staff for each item to be placed on reserve.
  2. The Library will attempt to obtain copyright permission through the Copyright Clearance Center on behalf of a requesting faculty/staff member.
    Copyright fees vary and will be charged back to the requestor's department or unit upon their approval.
  3. Borrowers will be responsible for any late charges, damages, or replacement costs for reserve materials charged out.
  4. The Library prefers to deliver reserve materials in electronic format and will attempt to do so when appropriate.