Withdrawal Policy

Policy No: 013
Approval Date: 11/5/03
Historical Notes:


New Mexico State University Library on a routine basis withdraws items from its collections in accordance with State of New Mexico inventory control procedures.


Items are withdrawn from the collections based upon the criteria below:

  1. Items that have been damaged beyond repair due to wear and tear, mutilation or deterioration.
  2. Items which under our circulation policies have been officially declared missing, e.g., lost, missing in inventory, etc.
  3. Items that have been superseded or are obsolete.
  4. Number of copies that are useable. As a rule of thumb, the library does not retain more than two or three copies of a specific title.
  5. Items in hardcopy that we have converted to other formats, e.g., microforms, electronic formats, etc.
  6. All government publications supplied to depository libraries under the Federal Depository Library Program are subject to disposal regulations as specified in published Instructions to Depository Libraries. These include secondary copies, e.g., duplicates (including reprints), superseded (including preprints), unrequested documents sent from the Government Printing Office by mistake, etc.
  7. All government publications supplied to depository libraries under the State of New Mexico Depository Program may be discarded only after obtaining permission and instructions from the New Mexico State Library.