Information Delivery Services (IDS)

Policy No: 033
Approval Date: April 1, 2009
Historical Notes:

  1. POLICY: The University Library provides Information Delivery Services to support the teaching and research activities of New Mexico State University.
  2. SCOPE OF SERVICE: Information Delivery Services (IDS) consists of interlibrary loan, document delivery, and Pegasus delivery services.  These three complementary services combine to provide NMSU affiliates improved access to research information whether owned by the library or another organization.
    1. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) seeks to obtain materials not available in the NMSU Library collection on behalf of an eligible requestor; and provides materials that are available in the collection to requesting libraries, research centers, and others.
    2. Document Delivery (DocDel) facilitates access to journal articles, reports, publications, and other research materials obtained from the library’s collection or from an external supplier.
    3. Pegasus couriers deliver and pick up NMSU Library-owned, ILL, and/or document delivery materials to departmental offices or other designated campus locations, for faculty and Ph.D. candidates.  Customized delivery and mail services may be available for special populations seeking accommodation.
  3. USER REQUIREMENTS: Users are required to have active accounts in the NMSU Banner system in order to register and utilize services. Users are also required to provide a working e-mail address for notification and communication purposes.
  4. ELIGIBILITY: The library’s IDS Unit serves the New Mexico State University community.  This includes current and emeritus faculty, regular and retired staff, and currently enrolled students in good standing.  Visiting faculty and scholars with an active Banner account are eligible to register for services.  Eligibility for IDS services by user group is reflected below in the Eligibility & Fee Matrix.
  5. FEES: The NMSU Library will make every attempt to obtain requested materials at no charge to the user by taking full advantage of fair use, open-access, and resource-sharing agreements.  Generally, graduate students, faculty, and staff are not charged for obtaining materials through IDS.

    In some cases, however, cost-recovery charges may incur if copyright limits have been reached and/or if requests can only be filled by fee-based external vendors or suppliers. 

    In these cases:
    1. Prior to filing a fee-based request that would result in a chargeback, IDS staff will contact the requestor for approval.
    2. In all cases, the library will only subsidize requests up to $50.00 for any (1) item.

  1. Eligibility & Fee Matrix
    Table of Eligibility for IDS services by User Group
    Status ILL DocDel Pegasus Library Subsidy for Fee-Based Requests
    (as may be required for copyright clearance,
    commercial suppliers, or other transaction costs)
    Undergrads Eligible Eligible Not Eligible Users will be charged for any fees incurred
    Grads Eligible Eligible Not Eligible The library will subsidize requests
    Ph.D. Candidates Eligible Eligible Eligible The library will subsidize requests
    Faculty Eligible Eligible Eligible The library will subsidize requests
    Staff Eligible Eligible Eligible The library will subsidize requests
    See also Library Policy #019: Library Services for NMSU Distance Education Students
  2. METHOD OF PAYMENT: The library will accept payment in cash or by check only.  In special cases, interdepartmental charges may be arranged.
    1. IDS privileges and materials are non-transferable.
    2. The library reserves the right to suspend or deny an individual’s borrowing privileges.
  4. CONFIDENTIALITY/PRIVACY: In accordance with the New Mexico Privacy Act, no one outside of library staff will have access to information on items requested or used.  Library staff will maintain and access records only to the extent needed for managing related systems, databases, and operations.
    1. Federal copyright law: Title 17 of U.S. Code, Sections 107 and 108(d), (e), and (g)
    2. CONTU Guideline of Five that provides during one calendar year, no more than five copies may be received from anyone's work whose publication date is within five years of the date of the borrower’s request.
    3. Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States and Explanatory Text
    4. New Mexico Privacy Act which preserves the confidentiality of circulation records.
      Note: Provisions of federal law may supersede state law.
    5. Established signatory agreements between the NMSU Library and other organizations.
    1. Borrowing
      1. Submission of Requests: Only eligible users registered through the ILLiad web-based IDS system can submit requests.  Requests may be submitted directly through ILLiad, any FirstSearch database, and/or other compliant databases.
      2. Turnaround time: Requested articles take on average 4 days to arrive; books average 12 days to arrive.  Variables affecting turnaround are the availability of the item(s), the timing of the request submitted, the method of delivery, response time from lending libraries, and slowdowns that occur during peak research periods.
      3. Maximum Number of Requests: There is no limit to the number of requests allowed, although during peak research periods internal prioritizations may occur to ensure that all users are equitably served.
      4. Limitations:
        1. IDS will comply with loan periods and any restrictions specified by a lending library, such as “Library Use Only” or “No Renewals.”
        2. IDS will only request materials from other libraries in accordance with the lending library’s interlibrary loan policies. Reference, archival, media, genealogical, and other items from special collections may not be available for loan from another library.
        3. In most cases, requests to borrow novels and popular movies published/released within the past six months, will not be filled by the lending library.
        4. In most cases, requests to purchase data sets or dissertations for the explicit use of an individual requestor, will not be processed.
      5. Pick-Up and Return of Materials:
        1. All communications are generated as notices by the ILLiad system and are delivered electronically to the requestor’s e-mail address.
        2. Returnable materials are available for pick-up at the Zuhl Circulation Desk during regular library hours.
        3. Registered users may elect to have their returnable materials delivered and/or picked up from a campus office by Pegasus staff.  Special arrangements are made for registered distance education users.
        4. Non-returnable materials are typically made available to the requestor electronically through ILLiad.  In accordance with copyright guidelines, materials are only accessible for 15 days from the date of posting.
        5. A bando is affixed to each item loaned that includes the due date, borrower’s name, and any conditions set forth by the lending library.  To ensure proper handling and discharge, the bando must be affixed to the item upon its return to IDS.
        6. Borrowed materials should be returned to Zuhl Library at either the IDS Office or the Circulation Desk.
      6. Renewals & Recalls:
        1. Courtesy notices are emailed 3 days prior to the item’s due date, which is the optimal time for borrowers to request a renewal through ILLiad.  If the due date has passed, borrowers must request a renewal directly from the IDS office.
        2. All materials are subject to immediate recall by the lending library.  If not returned by the recall due date, the borrower will be held financially responsible for any costs incurred.
      7. Overdue Materials:
        1. Materials must be returned by the designated due date.  Overdue fees may accrue from the lending library, which will be passed on to the borrower.  The library may face suspension of loan privileges for all NMSU users by that lending library.
        2. Borrowers who have not returned overdue or recalled materials by the 3rd notice will immediately have their library circulation and IDS privileges suspended until the transaction has been resolved.
      8. Financial Responsibility: Any charges levied by a lending library for lost, non-returned, or damaged materials, or for overdue or other fines, are the responsibility of the individual who requested the material.  Penalties include:
        1. Suspension of library privileges
        2. A block for subsequent course registration and/or transcript requests
        3. Bad debt status within the NMSU system
    2. Lending

      Note: Refer to the OCLC ILL Policies Directory via IDS staff for detailed lending information.

      1. Submitting Requests:
        1. Requests may be submitted to the NMSU Library IDS Unit through OCLC, ILLiad lending webpage (requires IDS-provided password), fax, e-mail, or mail.
        2. Requests for rush processing and mail preferences will be considered at the library’s discretion.
      2. Loan Periods & Limitations on Returnables:
        Table of Item Type and NMSU Library Loan Period as well as Renewal Amount
        Item Type NMSU Library Loan Period Renewals
        Book 31 days 1
        Media 21 days 1
        (Library Use Only)
        21 days 0
        Bound Periodicals 21 days 0
        Note: Some limits may apply when loaning multi-part titles or titles from certain collections.
      3. Non-Circulating Materials: The following items and format types are not normally loaned from the NMSU Library collection:
        • Reference titles
        • Codes & standards
        • E-books
        • Archives & Special Collections materials
        • Maps
        • Unbound periodicals
        • High demand titles
        • Any item deemed fragile
      4. Non-Returnables:
        1. IDS scans and delivers materials in electronic format and will attempt to do so when appropriate.
        2. When possible, in lieu of copy requests that exceed 50 pages, IDS will loan the item as a returnable.
      5. Transaction Fees: The NMSU Library is a reciprocal lender; non-reciprocal borrowers are charged:
        Table of Transaction Fees for non-reciprocal borrowers
        Cost Per Request Additional Information with Request
        $10.00 per request When lending policies are unknown
        $25.00 per request When a borrower is a for-profit organization
      6. Fees & Billing: Borrowing libraries will be held financially responsible for any applicable replacement costs and/or fees for materials lost, not returned, or damaged:
        Table of replacement costs and/or fees for materials lost, not returned, or damaged
        Interval Action Amount
        3 months after the due date Borrowing library billed Replacement cost of the item or
        $35.00 (whichever is greater) +
        $15.00 non-refundable
        processing fee
        Damage noted upon return Billed for the damaged item Full or partial cost of item +
        $15.00 processing fee
        1 year Borrowing privileges blocked
        if the invoice remains unpaid
        As reflected on the original invoice
        Up to 1 year from the billing date Credit is available for returned
        Credit for the amount billed;
        $15.00 processing fee