Lost and Found

Policy No: 051
Approval Date: October 27, 2017
Historical Notes: Developed in collaboration with the NMSU Police Department


NMSU Library will be in compliance with NMSU Police Department procedures on handling lost and found items.  The NMSU Police Department is “responsible for maintaining, storing, and disposing of all property taken into police custody."  The proper and timely disposal of property includes the return of property to its rightful owner and the destruction of items as prescribed by law as indicated by N.M. Stat. Ann. § 29-1-14 (2017).

Library Administrative Rules and Procedures

  1. Any lost and found items within Branson and Zuhl Library shall be turned in immediately to the Zuhl Library Service Desk and logged in.
  2. Lost and Found items turned into the Zuhl Library will not be kept longer than 7 days.  They will be deposited with the NMSU Police Department.
  3. The library’s log sheet with these items on it will be initialed by the NMSU Police Department as a record that these items have been transferred to the NMSU Police Department.
  4. If an individual queries the Zuhl Library Service Desk prior to the Library transferring lost and found items to the NMSU Police Department they should ask the individual to describe the lost item and provide library staff with a valid ID.  Make a copy of the ID to attach to the log sheet and note on the log sheet the item that has been claimed, the time, and the date.
  5. Lost property can be claimed at the NMSU Police Department Records Office within 90 days of receipt by the NMSU Police Department.  Bring a valid ID to claim lost items.