Doctoral Study Carrels

Policy No: 052
Approval Date: April 3, 2018
Related Policies: Policy #047 Group Study Rooms
Historical Notes:


Carrels are available to doctoral candidates who have passed their comprehensive exams, are currently taking dissertation credits, are doing doctoral research, and/or are in the writing phase of their dissertation.

Assignment of Carrels

  • Eight carrels are available for assignment.  Eligible doctoral candidates may apply to the Graduate School by completing the Doctoral Study Carrel Assignment Request Form.
  • The Graduate School approves all carrel assignments.
  • Carrel assignments are for one year.  Carrels may be renewed once, for another year.
  • If carrels are vacated during the assigned year, they will be re-assigned by the Graduate School.
  • Assigned carrel users must submit a request for renewal for the next academic year to the Graduate School.


  • The Library checks out a key to assigned carrel users for the length of the loan period.
  • A $50.00 fee is levied for any unreturned keys.
  • Keys may not be duplicated.
  • Keys must be returned to the Zuhl Library Service Desk at the end of the loan period.

Agreed Upon Conditions of Use of Assigned Carrels

  • Assigned carrels are for use only by the individual assigned to the carrel.
  • Assigned carrels may be used only during posted library hours and must be vacated thirty (30) minutes before the library officially closes.
  • All library materials stored in an individual's assigned carrel must be charged out to that individual.
  • The Library reserves to right to check carrels to see that all library materials are properly charged out.
  • Uncharged materials will be removed by authorized library personnel.
  • The safety/security of any personal property left or stored in an assigned carrel is the personal responsibility of the person assigned to the carrel.  Carrel users are advised not to store any valuable property in assigned carrels.
  • Carrel users may be subject to fines for any carrel damage.
  • Carrels are not soundproofed.  All users are encouraged to respect the privacy and need for the quiet of others.
  • The use of electrical equipment/appliances is limited to laptops and personal computers. Exceptions must be cleared with the Head of Access Services.