Building Use

Policy No: 050
Approval Date: 8/23/2017
Historical Notes: Supersedes Policy #037-Library Use Zones; Policy #005-Unattended Children


The New Mexico State University Library is committed to providing a rich learning environment where resources and diverse populations come together to engage in scholarship and create knowledge.  It is important that there be procedures and policies in place to protect the health and safety of library users and preserve materials, equipment, and facilities.  Dedicated areas of the library have additional policies that apply to them.  The following policy applies to all public areas of the building.


No animals are allowed in the library buildings.  Exceptions, as defined in the NMSU Administrative Rules and Procedures Rule 3.06, include:

  • Service animals
  • Law enforcement animals
  • Therapy animals


Children are welcome in the New Mexico State University Library.  All children are subject to library building rules and regulations.  Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.  If a child 12 or under is left unattended, library personnel will notify the police and stay with the child until the police arrive.

Disruptions and Destruction

The Library staff will conduct periodic building walk-throughs to monitor noise levels.  Library users are encouraged to report concerns about excessive noise or disruption to any library service desk.  Library users who do not comply with this policy will be asked to modify their behavior, move to a location more conducive to their needs, or leave the building if the behavior persists.

Destruction of library property and materials is unlawful and will be reported to the NMSU Police.

Food and Drink

Most food and drinks are permitted in the library buildings.  Library users are requested to:

  • Use spill-proof containers
  • Clean up after themselves when eating in public areas
  • Deposit food and drink containers in waste or recycling receptacles
  • Report spills to any service desk

Specific areas where food and drink are not allowed are:

  • Stack aisles where library materials are shelved
  • Computer and library equipment areas
  • Caroline E. Stras Research Room

Group Study

Group study rooms are available on the second floor of Zuhl Library.  See also Group Study Rooms Policy for group study room scheduling and use.

Computer Cluster Areas

In both library buildings, public service areas, and computer areas are locations where some noise and interaction are to be expected.  Earbuds are available for use from the Zuhl and Branson Service Desks.  NMSU students, faculty, and staff may use their own laptops throughout both buildings, taking advantage of the campus wireless network.  NMSU students are also welcome to check out laptops from the service desks.  The Library expects all users to be considerate of others.

See also Library Public Computer Use Policy

Personal Property

Personal property should not be left unattended.  Individuals are responsible for the security of their own personal property.

Quiet Study Zones

Both library buildings have areas designated for quiet study.  Signs are posted in these areas:

  • Branson Library - the west sides of the 3rd and 4th floors
  • Zuhl Library - the south side of the 2nd floor, the north side of the 3rd floor

Noise should be kept to a minimum in quiet areas, including minimal conversation and turning off or silencing cell phones and pagers.  Phone calls should be taken out of the quiet study zone to more appropriate locations, such as the stairwell or area outside the elevators/restrooms.  Quiet study zones are not appropriate for group study.

Wheeled and/or Motorized Vehicles

For the safety of our patrons and materials, vehicles including, but not limited to, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, hoverboards, and bicycles may not be used in the library.  Winged vehicles such as drones are also prohibited except in public safety situations.  NMSU Administrative Rules and Procedures 16.20 addresses campus drone use.  Mobility devices, including wheelchairs and walkers, are permitted.